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National Pollution Control Day is honored in the memory of people who died in the Bhopal Gas Catastrophe in 1984 on 2nd & 3rd December. Many people died due to the poisonous gas Methyl Isocyanate, popularly known as MIC. Bhopal Gas tragedy ranks worst amongst all Industrial Disaster. This national Pollution Control Day is celebrated […]

World AIDS Day


Since 1988, every year World Aids Day has been designated on 1 December. The World Health Organization has initiated this world AIDS day to raise awareness of AIDS Pandemic caused by the Human Immuno Virus (HIV). World AIDS Day is one of the eleven official global health campaigns founded by World Health Organization (WHO), along […]

Computer Security Day

Computer Security Day

Computer Security Day was started in 1988 to raise public awareness of computer related security issues. The Computer Security Day annually falls on November 30 where many organizations like Security Awareness Incorporated, Association for Computing Machinery, are involved in the observation. This day served as a reminder to be vigilant about the growth rate of […]

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