Green Cover in India

Green Cover in India All of us dream of Green , clean and pollution free India. Today, the reduction of resources  & Rising the pollution levels with  Destructive changes of climate has become a serious topic and now everyone  is discussing the Green Earth. But what exactly is the meaning of  Word green? When we […]

Aesthetic Plants to Decorate your House

Our major concern is to find out the way to get rid of outdoor as well as indoor air pollution. The main reason is the increasing Industrialization and Urbanization. This will only be done by planting more indoor plants that definitely will add beauty to your house. Public health is a major issue due to […]

Snake Repellent Plants

Snakes Repellent Plants.Snakes of all types are found worldwide, so the chances they might also come across in your yard. Many people often fear snakes it can be challenging to think with a clear head when they’ve found one.  The snakes could be dangerous depending on where you live. Snakes like cobras and rattlesnakes are […]


National Pollution Control Day is honored in the memory of people who died in the Bhopal Gas Catastrophe in 1984 on 2nd & 3rd December. Many people died due to the poisonous gas Methyl Isocyanate, popularly known as MIC. Bhopal Gas tragedy ranks worst amongst all Industrial Disaster. This national Pollution Control Day is celebrated […]


Since 1988, every year World Aids Day has been designated on 1 December. The World Health Organization has initiated this world AIDS day to raise awareness of AIDS Pandemic caused by the Human Immuno Virus (HIV). World AIDS Day is one of the eleven official global health campaigns founded by World Health Organization (WHO), along […]

Computer Security Day

Computer Security Day was started in 1988 to raise public awareness of computer related security issues. The Computer Security Day annually falls on November 30 where many organizations like Security Awareness Incorporated, Association for Computing Machinery, are involved in the observation. This day served as a reminder to be vigilant about the growth rate of […]

 High-Density Plants

High-Density planting is a method of heavily  Planting plants with plant populations more than the optimum to get high productivity in terms of quality and yield by manipulating the tree architecture and planting systems.  HDP is defined as planting at a density in excess of that which gives maximum growth and productivity crop yield at […]


Deforestation is an unkind activity towards our nature by Humankind. It is a purposeful activity of clearance of Forest land. In this modern world, where we are surviving this Climate change because of these standing trees. But for our materialist needs we are converting forest land to non forest land. Deforestation causes loss of other […]

Soil Testing

Understanding  Soil Testing Soil is a precious resource that needs to be managed carefully. Around 60% of crop yield or performance depends on soil fertility.  Today in modern agriculture, Soil testing becomes the most important method to manage fertilizer application and crop production.  Soil Testing is the process of farmland analysis by using various parameters […]


Liver is the largest internal organ which breaks, balances and creates nutrients so that the body can use it for energy generation and other work. The liver & its health may be infected, or any hereditary issue may cause its illness, which might be fatal for the body. The liver disease includes liver inflammation, Hepatitis […]


In this article, we will address some of the outdoor plants and their health benefits both physically and psychologically. We certainly crave for fresh air, open places and greenery when we get upset . It soothes the mood and opens up different avenues of mind to tackle the issue. The plants have this effect on […]

  Drip Irrigation

What is Drip Irrigation? Drip Irrigation is the most efficient water and nutrient delivery system for growing crops, which delivers water and nutrients directly to the plant’s root zone, in equal measures and at the right time. Hence, each and every plant gets the exact quantity of what the plants are required and when they […]

Journey of WMT Farm

We have always read several articles about barren lands turning into fertile land. I have seen it and experienced it personally. Saini WhereismyTree Farm, located in Greater Noida with a total area of 1 acre was a barren land a year ago when WhereismyTree had leased it for their Guava Farm. The Farm is popularly […]

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