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" If we care about nature, we should work to stop polluting our environment. "

– Kunal KishoreFounder & CEO

As the current scenario of farming is deteriorating day by day and major steps are needed to be taken to improve the current situation of farming. Whereismytree has taken a major step in revolutionizing the process of farming in our country. Where people in the Metropolitan cities are just running behind the success and dreaming to be rich and working hard to live a luxurious lifestyle, Whereismytree is focusing on making the world a better place.

Our vision is to buy or hire a piece of land on rent or lease that has not been used for 20 years or more and will not be used for any other purposes. Whereismytree is going to yield that piece of land and transform it into a farm with the help of modern farming techniques and the agro experts.

Farming will be done after the forecasting and research by the scientist or botanist followed by the plant selection on the basis of its growth and the best outcome.

Our Vision work on three beneficial factors

  1. Food production:

Planting trees will help increase the production of food in India. Whereismytree is focusing on using organic methods in tree plantation which leads to the yielding of good quality food and promotes a healthy life.

  2. Employment generation:

From the production of food to the distribution of food, there will be a possibility that numerous employment opportunities can be created by Whereismytree.

  3. Betterment of nature and mankind:

By planting trees by organic methods, increasing food production, and creating job opportunities, whereismytree is doing a great contribution to improving the condition of nature and mankind.


A treehouse, tree fort is a platform or building constructed around, next to, or among the trunk or branches of one or more mature trees which is above the ground level. Treehouses can be used for recreation, workspace, habitation, a hangout space, and for observing wildlife.

After the creation of the farm, the next step of whereismytree is to build a treehouse on that farm, through that treehouse we are going to generate several opportunities or programs which will further generate employment, income, and awareness to the people.


As we build a treehouse, we need manpower to take care of the farm as well as our treehouse, which will further create employment opportunities among the needy ones.


Made from eco-friendly materials, you’ll be able to develop the environmentalist in you while enjoying spending time in nature with loved ones. The structure provides shelter, making it possible to use when it’s raining or during any other weather condition. Depending on how ambitious you are, it’s possible to make it winter-friendly so you can continue your family-focused activities year-round. The ways you can use your ‘second home’ are only as limited as your imagination; however, simple pleasures like picnics and board games can seem magical in this setting. Whatever you do in your treehouse, it’s a fun and unique way to bring the family together and spend quality time that your kids will love.


It’s proven that being with nature has an immediate impact on our mental health, and the more we engage with nature, the better we feel. The calming effect of sitting under a tree or just being around it in a green space, can reduce stress, and help relieve, as well as avoid anxiety and depression and other mental health problems too. There’s even a type of therapy based on doing activities in nature called ecotherapy. As well, exposure to natural light can help alleviate symptoms of seasonal affect disorder (SAD) that most of us are prone to suffering. Make your tree house a device-free zone and you’ll have a much happier and productive child.



Like many other outdoor activities, tree houses are associated with potential hazards. For example, there is a risk of falls when you climb a treehouse, depending on how the access is built. Thus, you and your children are presented with an opportunity to discuss this and identify dangers, learn safety measures, create solutions, and conquer fears (such as heights). Combined with thoughtful parental supervision. The benefits of free play include confidence-building and the development of language, critical thinking, and problem-solving – skills that will be carried through into adulthood.


One of the cooler benefits of a treehouse is that it provides a place to hide away, in a good way. It offers a change of scenery from your kids’ room or your den that can make doing homework or studying, for example, seem less of a chore, and it can encourage independence. Your treehouse is also an ideal place to hang out and have private time to reflect, read, and unwind, for both parents and kids. Alone time is just as important as social time, and having a balance of the two brings many health benefits.


A treehouse will encourage children to go outdoors – after all, what child wouldn’t be excited to have one in their backyard? They’ll be outside in the fresh air, climbing up and down and playing. Its very presence will make their outside space more alluring. They will get them out to play by themselves, with siblings or their friends. This type of physical activity will contribute to kids being healthier and happy.

Apart from the above benefits. We are going to create a treehouse which will have a capacity of around 200 to 300 visitors or tourists. It will provide a camping spot for school students and helps in educating about the benefits of planting a tree and how to plant a tree. Well, it can be used as a quarantine center if anything happens again like COVID19. In the future it will separate the infected people from the urban world.

If anyone has a desire to plant trees but is not able to do it because of the unavailability of various factors. They can donate to our organization for this beautiful initiative. And you have your tree with your name tagged on it. The donor will get some portion of the yield generated by farming. And will get access to the treehouse and some great deals on his or her stay.


We are also planning to build an educational research center to provide training and education to the farmers which will lead to a rapid increase in the growth of a production. It also helps in the production of superior quality food products by using innovative and scientific methods, such as organic farming, hydroponics, aeroponics, etc.


The increase in production by using innovative methods of farming will increase by generating revenue which further results in the introduction of new technologies. It will result in more production and increase revenue.

Green cover in India


Our organization also focuses on creating its power supply by using natural methods such as hydroelectricity, solar power, biogas, etc. As we all know that there are limited natural resources and the population is growing at a massive rate, it will create a good opportunity for our organization to be self-dependent.


With the increase in agricultural production, our next plan is expansion and diversification into other industries such as poultry farming.

The above Vision of whereismytree is a road map from planting a tree to creating an agricultural world. This is necessary because there is a limited amount of resources left and there will be no resources for our upcoming generations. It requires everyone’s effort to make our world a better space for present and future generations for living.

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