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What is WMT Farm?

 WMT Farm is a real farm run and developed by WMT Foundation where our Volunteers can plant their own trees Virtually in WMT Farm.

The location and photos of their trees will be shared to the volunteer

Volunteers started getting profits when their planted trees started producing in the form of Fruits/ Flowers.

Each Volunteer can plant maximum 10 trees in WMT Farm

Each Volunteer will get live access to their trees.

Planting trees will be focussed on using organic methods that will lead to good quality food.

There will be treehouses, next to, or among the trunk or branches of one or more mature trees which are above the ground level. It can be used for recreation, workspace, habitation, a hangout space, and for observing wildlife.


WMT Farm targets to create a Nature-friendly place for tourists for picnics,

WMT Farm will provide you a place to have private moment with your loved and  dear ones away from the city

WMT Farms are proposed to build an educational research center to provide training and education to the farmers that helps them to produce superior quality food products by using innovative and scientific methods.

WMT Farms is focussing on creating its power supply by using natural methods such as hydroelectricity, solar power, biogas, etc. It will create a good opportunity for organizations to be self-dependent.

WMT Farm has also a plan to diversify their wing into other industries too, such as Poultry Farming.

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