Have we ever noticed and carefully recorded the growth of a sapling we planted? Well, most of us would be still reluctant to do our part in being grateful to the force which boiled out to this healthy planet, by just planting a tree, henceforth the former was edited to, have we ever had some time in noticing the growth of an apartment in construction on the other road, which was watchable through our window? Again, since we all evolved, thought to be selfish, now we have some appropriate questions: Have we ever, at least, noticed how drastic our bellies went during this pandemic? Or at least noticed day-by-day, the raise of a pity nail? If most of our answers were “NO! NO! And NO!” then we must realize how we then have time only to bite our nails?! How do we then have or prefer to spend time eating a lot, regardless of our health? 

Now, it is agreeable that though we have time or preferring or precisely wanted to change things, we lay pale concern on what kind of changes they were up to, whether it becomes good than earlier or bad, as earlier or contrasting to earlier condition? One need not compulsorily know the “BUTTERFLY EFFECT” or “CHAOS THEORY” to understand how each and every move of us would pour promptly a remarkable impact on this world, especially as foreshadowed earlier, on climate. 

For the past few pathetic decades, CLIMATE, the hero who usually saved us, started to do the villain. He who could also in a way said as the base of all lives is transforming into a demon of all lives. All may easily list out the reasons for this: burning cunning coal, oil, and gas, causing carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide, cutting down the fond forests, increasing livestock farming, and fertilizers containing knaggy nitrogen causing nitrous oxide emissions. Also, all may quickly find themselves as the reason for this; since we started to harass the hero using the rifles, cannons, mentioned above, and the jeopardizing victim began to harass us in turns. These events, reflecting the conflict between humans and climate, gave rise to a question: is human forget that he is living with the climate and all living with him was not without good climate change? Air to breathe, water to drink, light to see are all being said, his gratitude should be used equally, and for implementing this cognitively we are inserted here. Then why we’re keen on performing the irony? All these questions utterly urge the need for the below passages on the present role of climate in the movie “world.” 

In many developed and developing countries, climate’s role was crucial; literally, it was left to be essential by commoners, which gears the need to implement awareness among people about the tremendous impact of climate change in the world. Climate change could be favorable to the economy, sustainability, development, and other important aspects of the world. However, the partial understanding of the people and little attention over this issue fuels the negative impacts, tightening the climate’s inevitable gripping sting on them. Nevertheless, it’s not up to the level of our dreadful expectation to vigilant people about this issue; indeed, simple daily life examples will be affordable and sufficient.  

Suppose a group of men was put under one roof on a flaming heat machine pitched floor who were already being roasted by the former, the sun, by increasing global warming. Though they are in urgent need to earn and fertilized with morale to mitigate their hard work irrespective of these external forces, they won’t be left with enough energy to struggle with these forces efficiently, as part of their energy was let to suck by heat. As a result, they let happen poor productivity, which pulls down the industry’s growth lines under which they were working. Imagine this rivalry between man and climate be taking place on a large scale. So undoubtedly, with the consistent increase in global warming, it was unstoppable to resist the descendence of growth rates of industries. Additionally, millions of laborers’ jobs were plucked since their industries were unable to satisfy them with enough wages. Unavailability of higher production inevitably places a question mark on a particular country’s economy, development, and labor’s fulfillment, since we were still against the climate. 

The deadly global warming revealed its tremendous face when the climate change was favorable for its dangerous strings capture the economy exhibiting nasty effects on us. If we keep on lending these, deadly drought, sinister storms, hell heat waves, rising sea levels, melting glaciers, and warming oceans, which can directly harm animals, destroy the places they live, and wreak havoc on people’s livelihoods and communities, through our laziness in implementing our must-do responsibilities such as speaking up for the change, greatly depending on the renewable energy source, strictly monitoring the use of water to reduce water waste, sincerely prefer investing in energy-efficient appliances, etc. Then no doubt that we would soon run our lives inescapably trapped in the devastating net of this gone devil climate. There is no doubt that soon, there will be another world war; unlike previous wars, we will fight for even food, because of our slow-moving in performing our responsibilities for the struggling climate.  

We are now in a dreadful situation, credited by climate change and its cause, in which these irregularities limit the productivity of harvest products, which leave our next generation in brutal wars for food. Continuous climate change prevents cooling down our planet, increasing the value of freshwater to precious stones since it will be in short supply in many areas. What performs as a crutch for a cunning disease is higher temperatures- the fundamental effect of climate change. The increasing ill-effects of climate change will turn poor people into endangered species. Not they are going to be rich, but die for hunger and reason: the rise in the cost of basic food supplies. Many developing countries would be to the level of mortgaging them to developed countries just for their livelihood- the greatest vulnerability of climate change that targets developing countries like INDIA.

We should not fear overcoming climatic change. All are in our hands. What we do now will be the reflection of tomorrow. Knowing the bond between climate change and his impact on us, we should perform accordingly to give our world at least a bit better for our growing generation. After all, our collective and individual responsibility is to preserve and tend the world we all live in, so, come on man, cut the trees, pollute the breeze, and add waste to streets and utterly ruinate biotics, only after findings: how long it takes to refit and a new world with highly immuned climate for continuing to inhabit. 

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