What we learn becomes a part of who we are… “KNOWLEDGE IS POWER”

Knowledge is power Being constantly on the go, we focus on where we are and what we’re doing right now. We lose sight of the bigger picture. We stop learning and growing because we feel as though we don’t have time. It is true what they say that knowledge is power.With constant pressure to live up to other people’s expectations, we are quick to forget the important things in life. The rise of social media and constant connection to other people has made us now more than ever attuned to what society wants from us. We focus on how others look, how others act, and what others achieve and forget the important things in life.

Knowledge opens the doors to human understanding, job promotion, and generally feeling as though we have achieved something great. Try learning something new, whether it is something as complex or a language, or something as small as a new fact.Society forces us to focus on the here and now rather than the future. We are constantly consuming meaningless content and distracted from the real world. Always set goals. When you meet your goals, set a new one.OPEN YOUR WINGS , FLY HIGH AND REACH YOUR GOAL

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