Areca Palm, African Violet, Spider Plant – Combo Offer


The pets like dogs and cats are very active and love to roam around. While doing so, they tend to touch and play with almost everything coming in their way, including plants. They nibble and scratch on plants, and sometimes chew too. Most of the plants are not a problem to them, but some of them cause serious threats to the health of these pets.

Areca Palm: Placed in an indoor space, this plant serves as a statement piece to the interior of the house. The beauty lies in the fact that it is safe for the pets and they can easily get along with the surroundings without making themselves ill or uncomfortable.
African Violet: Being a parent, you should be very comfortable while planting African violet into the house as it is considered as non toxic plants for cats, Dogs and even for Horses, if you have any. These are low maintenance plants with flowers blooming in various colors including lavender, red, and white.
Spider Plant: They are grown as webs from their mother plant. The plant is easy to grow and to be nurtured, provides a green environment and purifies air. These are safe to for pets and you can easily leave them to play with the plant


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