Money Plant, Jade Plant, Bamboo Plant – Combo Offer


Add-Ons: Get one Buddha statue

Indoor plant tends to absorb toxins present, produce oxygen and reduce noise pollution too.​ Nature has the ability to enhance the mood just by looking at it and indoor plants do the same resulting in health soother.

Money Plant: Apart from medicinal benefits, it reduces stress and Anxiety, acts as an Anti-Radiator & purifies air. It brings prosperity & good luck to your home/offices. Jade Plant: It used to cure warts, fatigue, corn and Diarrhoea. It is a good luck symbol, easy to maintain the plant. South-East corner of your living room is the best direction for keeping this plant.Bamboo Plant: It is a natural air purifier. The plant has anti-inflammatory properties. The ideal location for placing your bamboo plant is the east corner of your room, South-east is the most favorable one.


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