Computer Security Day

Computer Security Day was started in 1988 to raise public awareness of computer related security issues. The Computer Security Day annually falls on November 30 where many organizations like Security Awareness Incorporated, Association for Computing Machinery, are involved in the observation. This day served as a reminder to be vigilant about the growth rate of cyber attacks.

When this Computer Security Day was observed, computers had just started entering worldwide. During the time it was not so much known to the people for personal use. The era has also seen the beginnings of the internet.

Since the first home computer, its usage has changed. Currently, we use computers to get connected. From Grocery to Banking, computers enter our lifestyle and become our necessity. While computers are on every campus in every school, we educate ourselves, we do our taxes, and research complex issues on computers. It makes us mandatory to keep this powerful machine secure as they hold a vast amount of data, photos, journals, passwords. In short, our identity exists on the computer and it became important to protect every minute information from the threat that is constantly attacking our computers.

According to reports, Researchers from Cornell University discovered an unidentified virus hiding in their computer systems on November 2, 1988. The “Morris Worm” virus infected the internet within four hours of its discovery.
Six days later, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) created a “National Computer Infection Action Team” to respond to these kinds of attacks. The Computer Emergency Response team was established on 14 November by a research institute

A special interest group on Security, Audit, and control, an Association for Computing Machinery’s created National Computer Security Day in 1988 to spread awareness of computer viruses and crimes. The National Cyber Awareness System was established in  2003.

Although technology has made communication easier and more effective than ever before, it has also given rise to worries about security and privacy.

Computer Security day is a perfect reminder!
It is important to review your computer’s security regularly. Keep these points in mind to secure your computer
1. Enable Windows Update
2. Keep Antivirus software
3. Turn on Windows Firewall
4. Keep all software updated
5. Always use strong passwords.
6. Don’t share passwords and don’t write it down
7. Remove unused programs
8. Secure your wireless network
9. Backup critical data.
10. Be cautious Internet browsing.
11. Periodically remove temporary Internet Files.

Remember to ensure your data in the cloud is safe and to create strong passwords that you update regularly.
National Computer Security Day is a wonderful opportunity for us to remind ourselves to safeguard our computers in order to protect the assets, instruments, and data they contain.

Computer Security Day

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