Computer Security Day

Computer Security Day

Computer Security Day was started in 1988 to raise public awareness of computer related security issues. The Computer Security Day annually falls on November 30 where many organizations like Security Awareness Incorporated, Association for Computing Machinery, are involved in the observation. This day served as a reminder to be vigilant about the growth rate of […]

High Density Plants

 High-Density Plants

High-Density planting is a method of heavily  Planting plants with plant populations more than the optimum to get high productivity in terms of quality and yield by manipulating the tree architecture and planting systems.  HDP is defined as planting at a density in excess of that which gives maximum growth and productivity crop yield at […]

Soil Testing

Soil Testing

Understanding  Soil Testing Soil is a precious resource that needs to be managed carefully. Around 60% of crop yield or performance depends on soil fertility.  Today in modern agriculture, Soil testing becomes the most important method to manage fertilizer application and crop production.  Soil Testing is the process of farmland analysis by using various parameters […]

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What things can you do to motivate people to plant trees and spread awareness if you are a housewife?

Today our planet, currently facing a” climate emergency”  and plantation, is the main solution to come out of this situation and save our planet. Why should we be focusing on planting trees? we all know that trees provide us with the oxygen we need to breathe.   Trees provide us with essential greenery and shade in […]

where is my tree more than a plantation

What is Plantation?

Plantation means growing a large group of plants and trees. These trees and plants are our savior. About 200 million people on this earth depend directly on trees for their livelihood.Due to the Climate change and the heat nowadays, a lot of people are getting concerned about our environment. They want to bring a change […]



“Bright morning rays with due on the blades, chilly winds rustling by, carrying freshness along while you read your updates” Imagine this beautiful scene vanishing away from your eyes with droughts and dull sky kicking in. Those chilly winds are now bringing in lethargic dry woosh and pollution along. This brings up the importance of […]

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