April 22 march the soth year of world easiest Day. Every year we see Quallies global pledges I Land campaigns to commemorate the fanstoranti Levent, but not this time. The covid – 19 pandemic 

not only highlights the need to save the earth Land it wel source, bow more than ever, but has Lalso taken celebration online 

– Because earth is the only place yet where like is possible in such complex from and is capable of enormous hora and fauna as it is being textile. And we usually associate mother with Ofestility and a source of life 

Taking steps to conserve and uteuse is one lok the best thing we can do to help save the environment and it is easier than we might think. Start Small Just by changing our Saily habits. To bell save the enviroment. 

| lsy decreasing energy and water consumption 

changing out eating and tsansportation habit Oto conserved natural source and seducing , weusing and wecycling to be more onvirondent friendly once se bave made ower own lifestyle Omore enviromentally Conscious we can also engage in activation 

The help educate other on doing the same. 

Wature bas a lot ok importance that can’t The descoibe in words but hexe is how we I con contribue to nature and save the mother earth korom the global wipeout which would be caused by us the human itself 

plant a tree every year without korgetting at all planting one free can not cause any bad to us in Ospite you are helping Natur 


→ Use biodegradable and wecyclable things Only 

using plastic is very harmkel to not use. we should avoid usinha plastie at any cost. 

→ keep our surrounding clean it everyone keep 

their own surroundibo clean uti Bately, we are keeping the whole world cleak. 

we humans are very narrow minded we 

don’t realise that whot we are doing to kulkill our own needs ik we don’t u correct the things we bave done wrong to notwe than udemately the nature has to do all those Tobs Cand of course ik we make someone to do our work it won’t be as good as we could bave done it Ourselves. ģ. e Natur ol elias disaster, 

18+ Natural disaster are done by nature to solve the issues in _natwe  

which is naturally caused on caused by us like if there is any problem in our body we get sick. So when there are natural disaster it means that the batwe is meally Sick. 

But of course nature does not always Succeed as well therekoxe there is a lot! of loss of life and property which we human totally deserves. 

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