“Bright morning rays with due on the blades, chilly winds rustling by, carrying freshness along while you read your updates”

Imagine this beautiful scene vanishing away from your eyes with droughts and dull sky kicking in. Those chilly winds are now bringing in lethargic dry woosh and pollution along.

This brings up the importance of flora and fauna in our life and how they play a major role in everyone’s life.

Importance of plantation

Plantation is driven by multiple NGOs throughout public  places and dry fields covering every possible land area to promote greenery. Amongst prominent NGOs, Where is my tree is a nationwide spread one of the leading Plantation NGO In India whose vision is to make the earth greener and pollution-free world providing their wholesome and dedicated workforce and will to turn this whole nation green and pollution free.

I have a close relation with plants  and would be sharing my views on the fact that how and why planting trees can give you happiness you were seeking all this long and a chance to give back to society. 

When we plant a sapling we plant a hope of a better future. Providing clean air, supplies and resources is a vital help from trees but plants are more important and have a higher purpose in our lives.Trees greatly contribute to their environment by providing oxygen, supporting wildlife, improving air quality, conserving water, preserving soil, and climate amelioration. Trees provide a blanket to the land by maintaining greenhouse gases and preserving the warmth by acting as a shield to strong and harsh winds, hailstorms and heavy rain hitting the land causing erosion. 

Trees are considered as a symbol of life-giving properties. It creates an image of human settlement and welfare of societies. A well developed society should maintain proper greenery making spaces for public places like gardens, picnic spots, historical spots and much more.


Plants are a priceless asset for our planet which needs to be handled with care and its importance is well justified not on this blog but on all the platforms. People are getting much more concerned and it’s high time we boost this initiative to spread more love for nature and adopt trees as much as possible. To learn more about plantation drives and how you can give back to society. You can have a look at Where is my tree and lend a hand in their great work. It is the first online platform which allows you to plant trees from a distance all online and has planted more than 1 lakh trees already.

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