Snake Repellent Plants
Snake Repellent Plants

Snakes Repellent Plants.Snakes of all types are found worldwide, so the chances they might also come across in your yard. Many people often fear snakes it can be challenging to think with a clear head when they’ve found one. 

The snakes could be dangerous depending on where you live. Snakes like cobras and rattlesnakes are venomous and dangerous to humans, while harmless snakes like garter snakes, kingsnakes, racers, and rat snakes. Always should be careful around all kinds of snakes because potential snake bites are dangerous. Here in this article, we will understand what are types of snake Repellent plants. 

Types of Snake Repellent Plants 

There are many ways to deter snakes from your Yard/Gardens, such as using chemical repellents, fencing, hunting, and the application of essential oil like Cinnamon and clove. Apart from these technologies, you can try a simple method of growing these snake Repellent plants to safeguard your yard from snakes and insects. 

As a nature reinforcement, plants can also work as great snake repellents. The most effective ones are those which emit a strong odor and have sharp features. 

  1. West Indian Lemongrass: This Tropical Plants used to Flavor many culinary dishes throughout its native range. West Indian lemon grass is also known as Cymbopogon Citratus. This plant is also known for its citrus-like fragrance. This plant scent keeps many pests (Including mosquitoes and snakes) away. This plant essential oil helps in lowering blood pressure and has many antioxidant properties. 

Snake Repellent Plants

2. King of Bitter: King of bitter is a natural pest repellent. also known as green Chiretta or creat, This plant species are cultivated in the thick border of the yard. In the wild area, are often found growing patches in moist and partly shaded areas.The king of bitter not only keeps snakes away as a  physical repellent but also contains a compound that has anti-venom properties. It has alternative medicine as a traditional treatment for ailments like jaundice, the common cold, influenza, also cancer. 

Snake Repellent Plants

3. Indian Snakeroot: Indian Snakeroot also known as Java devil pepper, is a snake-repellent plant with juices that can act against snakes and other insects. The phytochemicals found in its roots, bark, and leaves can supposedly relieve various nervous system ailments. This Plant possesses erect shoots that arise from yellow rootstocks. 

Snake Repellent Plant

4. Garlic: Garlic is also known for its strong scents and its flavor which imparts to dishes around the world. This plant produces a powerful odor, which helps to keep many hazardous animals including snakes away from its area. Garlic is also an effective ingredient in organic nematicides and insecticides.

Snake Repellent Plants

5. Snake plant: Snake plant is an effective snake-repellent plant not because of its sharp leaves but also its odor. These leaves pose a threat to the snakes as they find it frightening. The snake plant is considered a semi-succulent species. Low maintenance and long-lasting its favors dry conditions with generous watering sessions. 

Snake Repellent Plants

6. Marigold: Marigold belongs to the large group of flowering plants with vivid colors. These plants are anchored by a network of fibrous roots. Marigolds are generally popular as pest-repellent plants due to their thiophenes which are produced by the roots. This plant emits an odor which likely to keep small snakes away. The leaves of some varieties may also emit a musky fragrance.


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