High Density Plants

 High-Density Plants

High-Density planting is a method of heavily  Planting plants with plant populations more than the optimum to get high productivity in terms of quality and yield by manipulating the tree architecture and planting systems.  HDP is defined as planting at a density in excess of that which gives maximum growth and productivity crop yield at […]

Soil Testing

Soil Testing

Understanding  Soil Testing Soil is a precious resource that needs to be managed carefully. Around 60% of crop yield or performance depends on soil fertility.  Today in modern agriculture, Soil testing becomes the most important method to manage fertilizer application and crop production.  Soil Testing is the process of farmland analysis by using various parameters […]

where is my tree more than a plantation

more than a Plantation

more than a Plantation Usually the concept for Tree Plantation where the motto is to save the environment reduce greenhouse effects, control pollution, conserve biodiversity, etc. whereismytree will not only help to save the environment but also helps to generate revenues. By planting with a whereismytree the local people of the city or area will […]

WMT Post

Green Cover in India

Green Cover in India All of us dream of Green , clean and pollution free India. Today, the reduction of resources  & Rising the pollution levels with  Destructive changes of climate has become a serious topic and now everyone  is discussing the Green Earth. But what exactly is the meaning of  Word green? When we […]

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