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We have always read several articles about barren lands turning into fertile land. I have seen it and experienced it personally. Saini WhereismyTree Farm, located in Greater Noida with a total area of 1 acre was a barren land a year ago when WhereismyTree had leased it for their Guava Farm. The Farm is popularly known as WMT farm – Where is my Tree Organic Farm. Now, you can find Saini WMT Farm on Google Maps too. A year ago, when they started, inspiration was not too far. They aim to not only bring a Guava Farm but also provide an opportunity to people to initiate their business in Farming. 

How did WMT Farm start? The Farm started with a small plantation drive when the organizer decided to do something for our planet. This plantation drive followed by the thought of planting big as our Environment needs more attention and decrease pollution. They started working enthusiastically on their vision afterwards. The Farm started off by leveling the land and it took close to a day to achieve, which was followed by these methods to transform it into fertile land:
1. Water Harvesting: As soil needs more water, the Farm needed a system like percolation tanks, borewells. Borewell increased the efficiency of water use.
2. Boundary Walls: The Farm needs to be protected with strong boundary walls to avoid damages by animals. Walls get renovated to get it painted from outside and inside of the farm.
3. Saplings Plantation: Saplings from local nurseries were used in the first plantation cycle. These saplings were planted in a small part of the Farm.

Now it was time to design the farm and make it appropriate for people to enjoy their weekends with family. The WMT Farm was divided into two parts, one of them is allocated to construct huts for the members and other one is for planting Guava plants where land was sequenced to be organized in land bunds. Total 36 land bunds of approximately 40 mts each were made on the left side of the WMT Farm. It took a minimum of 2 days to get the land prepared with land bunds, tree markings and land digging for plantation.

Going Organic
With all the research done by their team, they came to the conclusion of using Organic Manures for the WMT Farm. As suggested they required 1000 kg of organic manures for 1 acre of land in their first phase of plantation. These manures will be kept for 2 to 3 days in the land dug in the land bunds for planting saplings.

Guava Farm
In the first phase of plantation, WMT Farm has decided to plant Guava trees. If we talk about the calculation as per the area, the team member of WMT Farm has decided to plant it at each 2mtr distance of each land bunds. On each land bund of 40 meter, 20 Guava plants were calculated to plant. 

Tree Houses
WMT Farms are not only working on the plantation but they are also working on the engagement of people. WMT Farms are giving people a place to spend time with their family and friends. Come and plant trees with WhereismyTree and endure the journey of WMT Farm

This is quite a wonderful experience being a volunteer of not only WMT but we are volunteering our Mother Earth.

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