where is my tree more than a plantation

more than a Plantation

Usually the concept for Tree Plantation where the motto is to save the environment reduce greenhouse effects, control pollution, conserve biodiversity, etc. whereismytree will not only help to save the environment but also helps to generate revenues. By planting with a whereismytree the local people of the city or area will get a chance to work as green volunteers and also get a chance to receive financial support for themselves and their societies. And have a chance to become green ambassadors of your own city. 

But when you are planning for tree plantation some questions arise in your mind, right? Where to do the plantation and which plant tree to do plantation. But with where is a tree you don’t think about it. We will provide you with the land for the plantation, WMT has a unique concept where WMT uses unused land to make it more fertile land. When it comes to which plant to be planted whereismytree recommended trees that are useful.

When you plant a useful tree, some will brings fruits and income opportunities and some will helps the farming of other species which provides shade and will help the soil to become more fertile. Some other trees will play a key role in bee farming or the production of other natural cosmetics. 

Another Reason where is my tree is more than plantation Every tree in your city planted will have great value for the environment and the area in which you will plant it. Whereismytree also provides privileges for a weekend getaway. In your city where you have planted a tree will you have the privilege to explore the WMT Agro Farm which is a pleasant destination for your weekends or day outings in your own tree house. Today If someone’s sitting in the tree shade because someone planted a tree a long time ago. If you will plant a tree today then only future generations will take the advantage of the resources.

“Let us Start Investing today Join hands as a  Green Volunteer with whereismytree and together make our earth greener and cleaner.” 

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