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Today our planet, currently facing a” climate emergency”  and plantation, is the main solution to come out of this situation and save our planet. Why should we be focusing on planting trees? we all know that trees provide us with the oxygen we need to breathe. 

 Trees provide us with essential greenery and shade in our day-to-day life and give us mental calm when we need a quiet break out from the city. Trees are necessary for the well-being of every living being on our earth. 

Also, Deforestation is a worldwide issue, and it is devastating for many animals that depend on the forest as a natural habitat plantation of a tree also helps much wildlife to survive even the largest land-based animals need trees to survive if a single tree we planted will go in some ways to providing home, and a future for living beings, if everyone will even a single plant will change the climate and also helps in recovering planet from the situation.

Planting a tree will not only help for survival but also planting more trees helps to maintain healthy soils and humidity levels in the air around the world. And today it will become more important to motivating people and aware people of the plantation. Our one-steps make will become our life changer steps towards our planet, there are many ways to motivate people and spread awareness, but First  you have to start with yourself, plant a tree.

What things can you do to motivate people to plant trees.What things can you do to motivate people to plant trees.What things can you do to motivate people to plant trees.

“A small drop of water also makes a big ocean” It is not necessary to do big efforts or take a big start then only make a huge difference, but also taking a small initiative towards plantation or for nature will make a big difference.

As a housewife, you can motivate people and spread awareness of tree plantations. There are various ways to do awareness. Social media will helps to take a good start, 1 st you should do the plantation by yourself and post it on social media, renovate your terrace with trees and plants if you have a big terrace you can renovate it as an indoor garden and post it on social media and tag environment related pages or NGO or foundation who are into this business. By doing this might be other people who view your post on social media will motivate and do the same thing as you do. 

If you are living in a society, you can arrange a women’s meeting to discuss the environment about your thoughts, vision, And conduct plantation drive in your society.  Help and guide other women to renovate their terrace or balcony with plants. And also teach your children about the plantation, any social or festive events try to plant trees as much as you can, guide others also.

Sometimes together with your society women’s group visit, your nearby nursery and grab some knowledge about plants and trees also purchase some plants for your house and together purchase for society as well. Also, make videos of nurseries and post them on social media, from there you will have an opportunity to give knowledge and spread awareness about plantations to many people. After done with your society or apartment do the same awareness programs in other societies as well. Add more women to your plantation campaign and guide them to do the same with their society and neighbor societies.  

If you want to do it on a bigger platform you can join any organization who are in this business and do plantation. Today there are many organizations that are into it, here you not only do the plantation but there you can get opportunities to work as a volunteer. As a volunteer, you will receive many tasks to do you can add more women as volunteers in an organization. You can also be able to perform in plantation drive on a bigger platform or an event. 

As a housewife, it is very important to you to take the first step towards plantation, because you know how clean and manage your house and protect your house, you can understand why is to clean and save our planet. A housewife is an expert in it. You have to do the same things that you do at your home. 

Like in the home from watching what you do the same thing your children and others will learn and do the same thing, same here if you start doing plantation then other women will watch you and learn from you and start doing the same thing.  In-home you teach your children how to behave, discipline, manners what to do and what n same thing with people you have to spread awareness about nature and plantation as

like how you care about your children, protect your children from danger, and think about their future, the same thing you have to do with nature care, protect and think about the future. 

But do we really do invest for our future generation? Like for our children, we have started doing investments for their future can’t we do it same with our children if we are saving money for our future generation can’t we save trees and natural resources for our future generation?

 Let us start investing our present for our future generation with tree plantations. “ Humse hi humara bhavishya hai “. 

What things can you do to motivate people to plant trees

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